Digestive Tonic

Our Digestocare Digestive Tonic is the best Digestive Tonic, which is widely used in various Poultry farms to enhance the digestive system of Poultry and improve their performance.


  • Improves growth, Feed Conversion Ratio by increasing height of villus of small intestine
  • Activates absorption process and acts as alternative growth promoter
  • Stimulates digestive enzymes in the digestive tract
  • High antioxident property prevents cell membrane from damage by free radicals
  • Reduces sensitivity of the gut wall to gastric juices enzymes hormones & acids
  • Increases appetite & helps to stimulates gastric juices

Liquid Digestocare Direction For Use: (Per day for 100 birds or as required)

  • Chicks :10ml
  • Layers : 20ml
  • Broilers : 20ml
  • Breeders : 30ml

Presentation Liquid

  • 1 Liter & 5 Liter

Powder Digestocare(Feed Inclusion Rate)

  • 250gm. / ton of feed
  • To be given regularly or as required


  • Better digestion & utilization of feed
  • Optimizes liver activity under condition of aflatoxicosis
  • Keeps liver healthy from ill effects of toxins & antibiotic
  • Boosts growth rate, feed efficiency & egg production
  • Improves the nutritive value of feed ingredients

Presentation Powder

  • 1kg & 25 Kg


Brand Name Digestocare