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Haematic Powder

Avail from us unadulterated Haematic Powder, a unique poultry feed supplement, which is widely demanded in the market due to its various advantages that are mentioned below :


  • Helps in the formation of Hemoglobin
  • Purifies the blood and increases the blood circulation
  • Minimizes the incidence of infection by stimulating the immune system
  • Stimulate humoral and cell mediated immunity and control viral injuries
  • Improves F.C.R. increases egg production and increases weight gain
  • Reduces mortality
  • Control immune suppression

Liquid Haematic Instructions

  • Chicks : 10 ml. per 100 birds
  • Broiler/layer : 20 ml. per 100 birds.
  • For 10 days, or as required

Note : Not For Medicinal / Human Use Presentation Liquid

  • 1 Liter & 5 Liter

Haematic Powder Feed Inclusion Rate

  • 500 gm. / ton of feed
  • To be given regularly or as required

Presentation Power

  • 1 kg & 25 kg


Brand Name Haematic