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Arvind Herbal Labs


Our Company is acclaimed all over the world for manufacturing the Poultry Feed Supplement of superior grade. We are one of the major Poultry Feed Supplement Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers from India. The Poultry Feed Supplement, we offer is manufactured using high quality ingredients, which makes it easy to digest and also enhances the growth of the Poultry. Our Poultry Feed Supplement is highly pure and easily gets mixed with the Poultry Feed.

Why Our Poultry Feed Supplement?
  • 100% pure
  • Clinically trialed & tested
  • Results in weight increase
  • An alternative to antibiotic growth promoters
  • Improves general health condition of poultry
  • Improves feed conversion ratio
  • Yields organic chicken of premium quality
  • Increases the nutrition value

    • Growth promoter and performance enhancer
      Benefits : Minimise the incidence of infections by stimulating the immune system. Maximizes the productivity by optimizing various physiological functions. Helps in the digestion of protein and carbohydrates of feed. Promotes the digestibility by improving utilization of nutrients. Complete the
    • Vitamin C

      Packaging Type : Bottles, Pouch, Bag

      Packaging Size : 1Kg, 25kg & 5lit.

      Speaciality : No Side Effect, Longer Shelf Life

      Usage : Vitamin Deficiency, Body Fitness

      Brand Name : Ayur-c cool

    • Iron Tonic

      Packaging Type : Plastic Pouch, Plastic Bottle

      Packaging Size : 1Kg, 25kg & 5lit.

      Speaciality : No Side Effect, Longer Shelf Life

      Usage : Iron tonic

      Brand Name : Haematic plus

    • Liver Tonic

      Type : Liver Tonic

      Certification : ISO Certfied

      Shelf Life : 24 Months

      Purity : 99%

      Form : Liquid

    • Calcium Supplement
      Benefits : For growing lactating & pregnant animals. To increase milk production. Prevents leg weakness and bone abnormality. Maintain peak production for longer time. Maintains intestinal pH for maximum absorption ol Ca & P To control egg breakage particularly after forty weeks. Reduced egg shell
    • Liver tonic and performance enhancer
      Benefits: Hepatoprotective. Hepatostimulent & Hepatoregenerative. Improves Egg production & Hatchabilily Improves FCR & Weight gain. Prevents fatty Liver and Kidney syndrome. Maintains timeiy egg lay & Peak egg production Optimises protein and nucleic acid
    • Herbal/Natural vitamin‐E

      Avail from us E-Plus Se Herbal, which is a blend of superior quality raw material that makes it an ideal feed supplement for poultry.

    • Kidney Fresher

      Our Nephrofit, a liquid form Poultry Feed Supplement, is widely demanded in the market due to its effective performance. Our Nephrofit is an excellent Reno protective and maintains Uric Acid levels in poultry.

    • Poultry cough syrup

      Avail from us Respimune Poultry Cough Syrup that is widely demanded in the market due to its effective performance in maintaining normal respiratory function of the poultry.

    • Antistresser and Immuno Modulator

      We offer Zerostress Powder, available in liquid and powder form, is Herbal Immunomodulator, antistresser, adoptogenic and performance enhancer poultry feed supplement.

    • Digestive Tonic

      Type : Digestive Tonic

      Packaging Type : Plastic Bottles, Bag

      Dosage : As Per Prescription

      Packaging Size : 25kg & 5lit.

      Country of Origin : India

    • Antimicrobial growth promoter
      Benefits : Fight against viruses and influenza. Inhibits bacteria and viruses from penetrating healthy cells. Reduce the incidence infections and mortality. Kills micro-organism responsible for infections. Boost immune system. Breaks down accumulation of toxins. Increases appetite and feed
    • Herbal/ Natural Lysine
      Benefits : For Higher Egg Production, Bigger Egg Size and Weight Gain For Optimum Feed Utilization, Growth and Production. To Obtain Maximum Breast and Thigh Yield For Optimum Protein and Energy Utilization in Broilers and Layers For Better Performance of Breeder Birds. Form : Powder Dosage
    • Herbal/ Natural Methionine

      We offer our Herbal Methionine is ideal to give poultry in the feed. It is the finest quality supplement that is natural and a good replacement of synthetic methionine in the poultry feed.

    • Herbal/Natural Choline

      We offer superior quality Herbal Mega Choline, which is manufactured using the optimum quality raw material. Our Mega Choline, an ideal replacement to Synthetic Choline and Biotin, is widely demanded in the market due to its benefits.

    • Toxin Binders

      Packaging Type : PP Bag

      Packaging Size : 25kg

      Speaciality : Improves Reproduction Efficacy, Improves Milk Yield, Improves Health, No Side Effect, Longer Shelf Life, Effectiveness

      Usage : Animal Feed, Veterinary, Cattle Feed, Pig, Sheep, Poultry Farm

      Brand Name : Arvind herbal labs

    • cattle calcium

      Our Arvical-D Calcium Supplements, a high quality Poultry Feed Supplement, is available in liquid and powder form. Our Arvical-D is a blend of Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3 & B12 , which are highly essential for the growth of Poultry and Farm animals.

    • Multi vitamin and Immuno Modulator
      Benefits : To improve early chick performance To overcome immunosuppression For growth, bone & egg shell formation For normal feathering in poultry Provides instant energy for high performance Improves weight gain & FCR   Form : Liquid    Dosage : For each birds per
    • Male reproductive performance enhancer
      Benefits : Improves semen quality & quantity Improves fertility & hatchability Improves libido & sexual performance For full development and functional maturation of sexual oragans.   Form : Powder   Dosage : Feed inclusion Rate : Male breeder birds : 50gm. per 100 birds for
    • Batisa
      Benefits: Boosts digestive enzyme formation, maintains digestion & liver functions, Increase in weight & growth in all species, maintains work efficiency in male animals. Increases egg production in poultry.   Form : Powder   Dosage : For Individual Feeding : Cows,
    • electrolyte
      Benefits: Overcomes Heat Stress. Supplement electrolyte for normal funtioning of the body & proper metabolic function. Maintains the poultry birds to remain in cool conidtion during excess heat. Maintains the birds in proper hydrated state. Increase immunity Prevent mortality due to heat
    • Antidiarrhoeal and Gut function modulator
      Benefits : Helps compact the watery stool, antacid and electrolyte Supports the growth of microflora, absorbs toxins, Anti inflammatory, astringent & anti protozoal. Has immuno-modulatory effect which improves body condition Repair of damaged GI mucos for better productivity. Prevent loose
    • Gel Calcium
      Benefits: To prevent milk fever & associated complications To increase milk yield & udder health For prevention of ketosis To normalize contraction of uterus, normal calving & timely expulsion of placenta Useful in off—feed conditions Useful in acidosis & heat stress Arvical
    • Egg production enhancer /Ovary stimulator

      We offer Female Reproductive Performance Enhancer, which is the finest quality poultry feed supplement that is used for enhancing female reproductive performance.

    • Utrine Tonic

      Type : Utrine Tonic Syrup

      Shelf Life : 12 Month

      Purity : 99%

      Form : Liquid

      Packaging : Plastic Bottle

    • Herbal Vitamin‐C Liquid

      Packaging Type : Bag

      Packaging Size : 25kg

      Speaciality : No Side Effect, Longer Shelf Life, Effectiveness

      Usage : Vitamin Deficiency, Very Effective For Enhanced Endurance

      Brand Name : Ayur-c cool

    • Herbal Natural Liver Tonic

      Type : Liver Tonic

      Shelf Life : 12 Months

      Purity : 99%

      Form : Liquid

      Packaging Type : Plastic Bottles