Poultry Cough Syrup

Poultry Cough Syrup

  • Avail from us Respimune Poultry Cough Syrup that is widely demanded in the market due to its effective performance in maintaining normal respiratory function of the poultry.
  • Respimune is Herbal Expectorant, which is prepared from several important herbs. It plays a vital role to overcome Respiratory Infections followed by several etiological factors. In the intensive poultry farming the incidence of respiratory disease including Complicated Chronic Respiratory Disease (C.C.R.D) has increased due to close proximity and lesser bio-security. Moreover, antibiotics have no role in prevention, as they do not confer any immunity. It is known that in the early stages, it is merely a mechanical problem which due to multi factor etiological like bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma and allergens slowly develops into Pneumonia or C.C.R.D., when respiratory system is not kept clean and optimally functional. The allergens like airborne pollens, moulds, dust, smoke and other pollutants have been known to cause breathing problems. Hay fever, heaves, influenza, and bacterial infections, nasty cough and nasal catarrh are the common disorders of the tracheo-bronchial tree, in livestock.
  • Respimune is the Herbal Feed Supplement, which prevents and works in respiratory infections and helps strengthen the protective mechanism and functioning of respiratory system and maintain normal breathing.

Benefits :

  • To ensure normal breathing and functioning of respiratory system.
  • For easy breathing with maximum absorption of oxygen by the lungs.
  • Keeps the lungs clear & prevents secondary infections.
  • Helps in easy excretion of mucous & keeps the respiratory system clean.
  • Supports the anti-biotics for fast & complete recovery from respiratory infections.
  • Prevents poultry birds from various respiratory diseases & improves FCR.

Powder : 750 gm. per ton of feed to be given regularly or 15 days every month, as required.

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Direction for use - For each 100 birds per day

Broilers Layers/Breeders -
1-2 wks. 1-8 wks 10 ml.
3-4 wks. 9-20 wks. 20 ml.
5-6 wks. 21-72 wks. 40 ml.
To be given for 10-15 days or as required.

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