Arvind Herbal Labs

Herbal Vitamin C

Our organization stocks the items in mass. Therefore, we can serve mass/ retail requirements without hassle and make sure delivery of products is swift. Courtesy years of experience, our company has emerged as leading suppliers of Herbal Vitamin C.


We offer Ayur-C which is highly pure and made from essential ingredients that make it an ideal supplement for poultry feed. Our Ayur-C is widely demanded in the market due to its various uses and benefits that are mentioned below -


  • Prevents heat stress, make more productive and healthy
  • Improves FCR, egg production, egg shell quality in layer and increase weight of Broilers
  • Improves bio availability of essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus, Iron, etc.



  • Works as an antioxidant and keeps safe from damages to proteins from the free radical hydrogen peroxide
  • A cofactor in the hydroxylation of amino acids lysine and proline of collagen fibers. A rich source of Vitamin C that is essential in the formation of collagen during wound repair.
  • Useful for growing chickens during the periods of stress from environment or risk of infections
  • Liquid Ayur-C


How to Use

  • Broilers or Layers : 10-20 ml per 1000 birds or as required
  • Presentation Liquid 1 Liter & 5 Liter
  • Powder Ayur-C
  • Feed Inclusion Rate
  • 100 gm. ton of feed
  • Give daily dosage or as per the requirement
  • Presentation Powder
  • 1 kg & 25 kg.