Nephrofit Kidney Fresher

Kidney Fresher

  • Our Nephrofit, a liquid form Poultry Feed Supplement, is widely demanded in the market due to its effective performance. Our Nephrofit is an excellent Reno protective and maintains Uric Acid levels in poultry.
  • Kidneys are vital organs of the excretory system of the body. They play a very important role in the regulation of the internal environment of the body as well as the volume and composition of body fluids by eliminating non-volatile wastes of tissue metabolism, ingested foreign substances and undesirable substances present in excess. They also play a major part in regulating the acid-base balance & osmolarity, and hence volume of the body water.
  • Nephrofit is prepared from extracts of selected natural herbs such as Boerrhavia diffusa. Tribulus terrestris. Crateva nurvala, etc. known for their beneficial actions on kidney functions and is safe and effective kidney tonic

Benefits :

  • Nephrofit is a unique combination of herbs which is safe effective renal tonic, uricosuric and diuretic.
  • Nephrofit clears urinary tract infection & provides antiseptic coverage.
  • Nephrofit optimizes renal functions.
  • Nephrofit protects kidneys from damaging effect of nephrotoxic drugs,

Usage :

  • Visceral or Articular Gout.
  • Uralthiasis.
  • Ascitis.
  • Acute or Chronic renal insufficiency.
  • Nephrotic Syndromes.
  • Optimises the functioning of the kidneys.

Direction for Use - (per day per 100 birds) :

  • Chicks 15 ml
  • Layers/Broilers 20 ml
  • Breeders 30 ml
  • For 10 days or as required

Presentation : 1 litre, 5 litre

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